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Gold Pineapple Vase

Gold Pineapple Vase

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This stunning gold decorative pineapple vase has an antique metallic finish which makes it reflective and shimmery. It looks complete with gold leaves and diamond geometric design.

It features a bright, glossy finish that adds elegance and beauty to your home decor.

This decorative Pineapple vase easily blends in with your home decor and  compliments any color scheme. It is perfect for a small bunch of natural or artificial flowers. 

It can be used as a centerpiece to decorate your dining table beautifully and affordably. It is ideal for home decor, dinner parties, holidays, and special gift for any special occasions.  

It is the perfect gift foe a friend or family.

Dimension: Height: 9 inches x 6 inches

Color: Gold

Material: Metallic

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Material: 100% Metal

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