Collection: Wreaths


Special Feature

This Valentine's Day Wreath with its heart-shape emblem of love neatly displayed in its center, symbolizes security, love, affection, purity and trust.

It adds a warm welcoming effect to your front door (indoor or outdoor) and a romantic love accent to your home.

It adds an enjoyable effect to your home whether it is used as a fireplace mantle,  front porch, window, or bedroom decoration. It can also be used as a Christmas or Thanksgiving wreath. 

Ideal Gift

In addition to its decorative effect, this beautiful wreath is the perfect gift for a family and friends. 

Environmentally Friendly Material 

It is made from durable, nontoxic, odorless and Environmentally friendly material. Ply, twine, glitter and burlap flowers.


Diameter: 12×12 inches.

Weight: 0.5lbs